On-demand Solutions for Van Tracking in Ireland

On-demand solutions for advanced vehicle tracking

Businesses looking to exert a tighter control over their fleet, inventory, delivery schedules and the overall supply chain can leverage our unmatched expertise in tracking vehicles through wireless, heat maps and similar such technologies that can help in up-to-the minute tracking and offer immediate assistance in case of accidents, breakdowns, traffic jams and alternate arrangements can be made to ensure that raw materials and resources reach their destination in time. Idle-time wages are reduced as drivers take less breaks and most important of all: whether a driver has had the adequate eight hours rest before taking to the wheel a second time. Such time sheets are mandatory the world over and non –compliance leads to heavy fines.


How it works?


Step1) Prospective customers are asked about the size of your fleet: whether it is between 0-10, 10-20, 20-40, 40-50 or more.


Step 2) Ownership pattern is confirmed, whether a business owner needs leased, self-owned or a mix of both types of vehicles in his fleet. Here, it must be noted that though self-owned cars require high capital investment, lease-hold cars require little initial investment and offer huge tax benefits.


Step 3) Car tracking /Van tracking: This decision is important in case you intend to ferry goods, raw material or offer transport facilities to employees working shift hours.


Step4) Any other vital information: such as the kind of upholstery, choice of tyre, headlights, and mileage options offered by vehicles of our type.


Step 5) Filling up an order form with your personal and business details. Must include a valid email address for which a confirmation mail might be sent to the mentioned email id.


Step 6) Quotes from five of the best service providers in UK that will help you to make a decision.


Important points to note


If the sole objective of your fleet is for employees use then you would be better off having a self-owned fleet. It would help to reflect the cash-rich nature of your business but ensure 100% control over the security of all your employees. Evidence has shown that contracted vehicles are not the best choice in ensuring safety, timeliness and client requirement.


However you can go in for a purely leased plan if you want hefty tax breaks and increase profits for your business. GPS based navigation offered by our company not only helps drivers save precious time and fuel, they get more time to rest, and avert accidents, fines and mishaps in the process.


The best way to go about finding the best quotes on van tracking or vehicle tracking is to visit comparison sites on the net or type “compare vehicle tracking” and pick the results that follow by reading the description which will make your selection much easier. Good companies often take the time to describe their services in great detail on web portals so that users get a transparent clear-cut opinion on the kind of services rendered by the technological platform offered by the best vendor.

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