Installed Fleet Management Software to Build Strong Business, Ireland

Exactly, that’s what we do by leveraging the power of vehicle tracking technology that does more by not only offering time saving, money and effort but also complete peace of mind. Offering user’s cent per cent control of their supply chain through their smartphones, vehicle tracking software can be a boom for any business that runs on self-owned or leased vehicles. Information about the movement of your vehicles is always on your finger tips and managers stay alert and deliver a faster turnaround time that translates into faster payments and a more robust balance sheet.


Vehicle tracking: Adopt a data driven approach


Logistic businesses including freight forwarding that are involved in the transport of men and material stand to gain a lot as they can now analyze the strength and weaknesses of their supply chain using a data-driven approach. Instead of relying on intuition and guess work as was done previously before web based vehicle tracking software and RFID based inventory tracking solutions came to the fore. Delivering goods to sea ports and back becomes faster with vehicle tracking as goods can be loaded on ships faster if they are received sooner as ports in western countries can turnaround ships in a few hours and reload them to their destination unlike developing countries where ships are anchored for days at ports.


Simplifying delivery of industrial products


Horse come cart type carriages and now there is a new breed of vehicles called ‘trucks on trucks’ that can ferry tonnes of raw material like coal, lignite and crude oil across territories in order to cater to the requirements of manufacturing concerns that rely heavily on extracted minerals to deliver finished goods to the market. There was lot of scope of theft, larceny, spillage and accidents while delivering such a vast quantum of goods from one place to another and vendors had to factor those costs before quoting a final price to consumers. Now with vehicle tracking software by their side, they can have better control over leakages, spoilage, loss due to accidents, idle –time wages and definitely delays that results in customers getting lower quotes for the same quantity of goods transported earlier.



Speeding up consumer products delivery


All across the world, artificial shortages of consumer products are either created intentionally or unintentionally by distributor cartels whenever inclement weather conditions persist like heavy rain, thunderstorm, hailstorm, earthquakes, floods and vehicle tracking software can help CXO’s control the otherwise uncontrollable situations that were out of their hand.


They can now deliver alternate inventory laden replacement vehicles to ensure that retailers can stock their preferred brands or else customers might migrate to another brand that gets its logistics right.


Competition in the fast moving consumer goods is intense and only those companies will succeed at the front-end retail level that get their back end processes right. The stronger your back-end processes are due to superior logistics powered by advanced vehicle tracking or van tracking software, the better your market position will be.



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